A Winter Storm, Too Much Daylight, and a Return

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March 14th, 2017, 4:50 p.m. local time

It was over a Mercury orbit ago when I last saw snow on the ground.  We just got several inches overnight, albeit it has already melted to the point of inconsequence.  I am more than happy to wait a bunch more Mercurial orbits before seeing snow again.

I snapped the above photo while leaving work today.  This was the western edge of the winter storm that hit the area over the past day, now rolling eastward off Lake Michigan to clobber folks in the mid-Atlantic.

And speaking of daylight pictures, it sure seemed awfully bright for the late afternoon.  I doubt that clock-changing ritual had anything to do with it.  But regardless, for a stargazer, it’s a little depressing knowing that the night is inching slowly away from the comfortable early evening hours.

Finally, as I write this, I am pleased to report that my sky is clear for the time being.  More importantly, I see the Moon and Jupiter (yes!) ascending into the night through my dormant tree border to the East.  In another hour or so I’ll have a clear view to take some pictures.  Can I stay awake?  Tune in tomorrow to see if I have any goodies to show!

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