How to Fight Light Pollution

“Great results can be achieved with small forces.”
― Sun Tzu

Sometimes you have to step back and re-assess a strategy you feel is not working, or just the wrong path.

Light pollution is a serious problem, but one known today by very few.  It wastes energy.  It harms our sleep cycles.  It damages the ecosystems within our environment that developed over millions of years on the assumption of a non-polluted, dark night.  It deprives all humans of our inalienable right, as inhabitants of Earth, to spur our imaginations by wondering at the universe beyond.

I have written before about light pollution, but those were constituted primarily of my own thoughts.  I am not an expert on light pollution.  There are people who are, and doing the real yeomen’s work to raise attention to the cause, to change the public’s attitude, and to guide civic remedies.

So instead of espousing my own random thoughts, which may not always be right or productive, I want to use my blog writings on light pollution to highlight the people and organizations working to solve the light pollution epidemic.  My tiny blog will not have much impact, but I will do what I can to spread knowledge on the genuine efforts underway.

I will start by highlighting one account on Twitter, Saving our Stars.  It is a good daily feed of light pollution matters being posted throughout the Internet.  It also has an accompanying website.  I encourage everyone to follow this Twitter account to appreciate both the small and large scale issues regarding light pollution.


One thought on “How to Fight Light Pollution

  1. I have to admit since I started reading your blog, I’ve been more thoughtful about my outdoor lighting. I live in a semi-urban area, so I don’t really feel like it’s making that much of a difference, but at least it’s something.


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