Constellations IV: Scorpius Rising

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From my vault of unpublished astrophotography, today I bring you a rendition from earlier this year of the constellation Scorpius.  I had been meaning to process this one for a while.  Days turned into weeks which turned into months.  An eclipse got in the way somewhere along the journey.  So here we are, mid-October, discussing a constellation normally thought of in the Summer.

I recall that it was still very early evening when I took the photographs which comprise this stacked image.  As you can see, my view was a tad narrow, but you can easily make out the side of Scorpius anchored by Antares.  To the top-left are two moderately bright stars, part of the constellation Ophiuchus.  If you imagine a horizontal line from the bottom of those stars in Ophiuchus to the top stars in Scorpius, then you are envisioning the Sun’s elliptic path in the sky.

14 thoughts on “Constellations IV: Scorpius Rising

    • Thanks. I’ve been enjoying mapping the fainter stars to star charts, to prove to myself those really are stars and not camera noise. I cannot see even a fraction of those stars due to light pollution. So until the light pollution matter is resolved, at least there are techniques to capture the heavens as they were meant to be seen.

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