Forgotten Mars

Little red light always in the night sky
Shines at opposition, despite your size
Rivaling Venus, Moon when you trek by
Lest we forget as you fade before rise

Passed so close to Earth in twenty-eighteen
I watched you for months, awaiting to see
What would reveal upon your radiant sheen
Snapped many pictures of you in my glee

Yet as the months went by your brightness passed
Glowing dimmer into the sea of stars
And lo, ashamed my interest waned fast
Forgot my pictures of you, jewel Mars

Today, I make amends and recollect
Enjoy these views, delayed by my neglect

3 thoughts on “Forgotten Mars

  1. I love your composition and poem, Paul.
    It’s a strange Solar System quirk that Mars oppositions are more infrequent than any of the other planets.
    Don’t fret too much, Mars will be back again next year.

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    • Thank you! I appreciate the compliment.

      I never thought of that, but very good point, that Mars has the least oppositions for us.

      Yes, time goes by much too fast. It will be October 2020 before we know.


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