Waning Moon and Clouds

Can you see the Moon? Click for full-sized image.

August 21st, 2019, 06:57 a.m. local time

There was a brief break in cloud cover over the past day, enough to reveal the Waning Moon this morning.  I took the above picture with the NightCap app on my iPhone, and did some very minor editing in PaintShop Pro.

This picture finally reveals the details of the Moon I have been looking for through the unaided iPhone camera.  I had the ISO down to 24 and exposure at 1/500s.  Here is a closeup:

Taken with NightCap.

3 thoughts on “Waning Moon and Clouds

    • This got me to thinking, especially for anyone starting out, there really is little reason why you can’t begin with a smartphone camera these days. Throw in a tripod and good photography app, and you’re set for a long while.


      • True. There have been rapid advances in the technology. I like how my phone can automatically upload to my cloud account. When I crop, edit, delete, etc. the cloud version and save, it also updates the phone version. Handy for snapshots. Special photo projects get more dedicated attention so as not to lose image quality or original versions.

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