Follower Celebration – Have a Reading List!

Previously unpublished image from February 11th, 2020.

Recently, my blog crossed 250 followers.  So to everyone that has followed, thanks for being here!

I know of those 250+, you’re all here for different reasons.  So I’d like to break down my thanks by area:

  • To those that followed for the astronomy photographs and images, I hope you continue to like them.  I know my posting schedule can be erratic.  Sometimes I post multiple times a week, and then I go on a month hiatus.  It’s largely due to the weather and other factors which can make astrophotography difficult.  “Planet season” is coming up this year, so I’m looking forward to a nice stint of observing and photographing Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn as they return to the evening sky.
  • If you accidentally clicked the Follow button, I am still glad you are here, and hope you found a post or two interesting.
  • If you are a bot, спасибо, тоже.
  • If you followed for the Star Wars posts, I’m sorry but I have nothing else to say about it.

So are you at home right now and looking for things to do?  Here is a montage of my past posts on some of my main and not-so main topics.  Hope you enjoy them!

Thanks again for reading my blog, and clear skies!

4 thoughts on “Follower Celebration – Have a Reading List!

  1. I don’t think an erratic posting schedule is an issue. Blogging is not Facebook. Followers want to read something when you have something substantive to say, not when you have something really trivial to say. Keep doing what you are doing.

    PS I’m not a bot. 😷

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  2. I make no comment about whether I’m a bot, but thanks for all the great posts all this time. I’m glad to have found you whenever ago it was. Cheers and congrats on the milestone! I hope you’re staying safe.

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