Moon on May 3rd, 2020

Click for full-sized image.

May 3rd, 2020, 9:35 p.m. local time

Time to start getting the telescopes out more regularly, as the weather warms but is not too warm yet.  I almost thought I would miss the Moon tonight, as clouds started to roll in.  Despite an overall haze, I was able to both observe and take images of the Moon, though little else was visible in the sky except for a few bright stars, like Regulus.

This is a afocal image, i.e. effectively holding my phone next to the eyepiece, with the help of a smartphone mount to clasp onto the eyepiece.

Image settings for reference:

  • 254mm Dobsonian
  • f/1.8
  • 1/100 sec exposure
  • ISO 24
  • 14.5mm eyepiece (1.25″)
  • Moon filter on eyepiece
  • iPhone XS with NightCap app on eyepiece mount
  • Touchups in PaintShop Pro and AfterShot Pro

5 thoughts on “Moon on May 3rd, 2020

    • Thanks. Your question made me realize I left off an important detail, that it was very windy last night as the clouds moved in. The telescope was shaking much more than normal and both the native iPhone camera app and NightCap were constantly trying to refocus. Normally there is a bit of auto-refocusing but it seemed extreme yesterday. Yes, I can turn off the autofocus but I’ve noticed it does a pretty good job with minor focusing corrections on the Moon, as I think this image shows.


      • Nothing to be sorry for ! It was a great shot. I’ll have to compare my DLSR and iPhone shots, once I get some more practice with the iPhone.

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