Plane and Moon

Click for larger image.

May 31st, 2020, 6:37 p.m. local time

Here is another “by chance” image.  I was outside early evening to photograph the rising Moon with my Canon EOS, to get a daytime shot.  I was using my phone as the remote shutter, so I wasn’t paying full attention while I stepped away to snap images.  Normally during that time, I try to stand as still as I can, to minimize ground vibration.

It was only afterwards that I found this one image of a very high flying plane.  If you zoom in, you an see quite a bit of detail, including an underside red light and the color of the top fin (I don’t know what the technical terms are).

Image settings for reference:

  • f/5.6
  • 1/500 sec exposure
  • ISO 100
  • 300mm lens
  • Minor image touch-ups in PaintShop Pro

5 thoughts on “Plane and Moon

    • Thanks. While the timing was pure luck, I did put some thought into the framing. Yes, it’s fun to capture all the odd things you’d never find if you tried, from satellites to birds to planes to meteors.


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