Lazy Late Summer

Taken on an Illinois trail August 18th, 2020.

Greetings.  It’s been a while since I posted, so wanted to do a “check in” post.  I haven’t done much astronomy over the past month, for various reasons which could be considered excuses, but I won’t call them that.  I could itemize the various new light pollution issues in my area that have grated me, but the reality is I already lived in a one of worst polluted spots on Earth.  The residual haze from the western United States forest fires notwithstanding, I hope to get back to sky viewing soon, and certainly in time for the approaching Mars opposition.

The true limiting factor over the past month was some sort of injury to my wrist.  Around the time I took the above picture in August, I did something to my dominant left wrist and I couldn’t put even simple strains on it, let alone try lifting my Dobsonian to take it outside.  And so I restricted my activities to only those necessary.  Fortunately within the last week it seems to be back to normal, though I continue to remain careful and will give it another week-ish before I lift the big telescope again.

Part of me believes this is the “downer” time, after the mid-Summer Jupiter and Saturn oppositions plus the bonus of the Neowise comet.  But things are looking up, as they always do in time.

6 thoughts on “Lazy Late Summer

  1. I’ve seen journal blogs, book blogs, self-improvement blogs, but yours is probably the only astronomy blog I’ve come across so far. I love space so your blog is right up my alley. Sorry to hear about your injury. But do keep going!

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    • Thank you! And thanks for finding my blog. Yes, there are not very many astronomy blogs, it seems. On my homepage I have several blogs linked. What comes to mind by way of active recent blogs are:

      – Heads UP! – nice accounts of what’s visible in the sky
      – Cosmic Focus – wonderful astro-imagining of deep sky objects
      – Scott’s Sky Watch! – accounts and creative illustrations of what’s coming up for night sky viewing
      – How I See It – variety of sky imagining as well as related topics such as SpaceX


  2. I’m glad to see you are back and you seem to be on the mend. Our bodies do odd things sometimes, perhaps out of protest. We’ve had many hazy days here in IA from the fires. The recent week of heavy rain (>6″) and the haze stopped my viewing for the most part. Hoping for typical clear fall skies. Continue your recovery.

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    • Thank you, Jim. I can see how my wrist may be protesting, as I approach the 4-year anniversary of building my Dob, for having to bear its weight on a regular basis.

      Yeah we had the heavy rain move through last week. The forecast here looks completely clear for the next week, so I’m hopeful for some good viewing.


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