The Most Hits

Quiet times, at least on some fronts.  I haven’t taken my telescopes or related equipment out at all over these last several months.  But the pending conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter may spur me to action, cold weather permitting.

So this may be a time of opportunity to discuss earlier shelved commentaries.  One I have been meaning to address for a while is the usage of pinterest.  I have experimented in leveraging other social media outlets for this blog before, mostly twitter, but I found its value limited.

My latest experiment was with pinterest, a site that seems more geared to sharing fashions and recipes.  Still, its format appeared suited to photography, so I decided to leverage it whenever I posted my astronomy images.

I never expected much traffic, and still do not, on pinterest.  Some of the images have a few hundred “impressions,” most less.  But one surprisingly has had thousands of impressions:

Click to see pinterest site.

This was a Moon composite I shared a year ago.  It’s nice, but I don’t understand why this one image, or all of my posted images, has received such a disproportionate number of impressions.  I guess I neither appreciate nor grasp marketing in this realm, to know what is going to catch the eye of the random pinterest viewer.

Part of the answer is that astrophotography is an extreme niche.  If you would like to share your own experiences with astronomical social media, I would be interested in hearing them.

8 thoughts on “The Most Hits

  1. I share my posts on Pinterest and Twitter. They don’t provide a heavy stream of traffic!

    I rarely post them on Facebook as no-one there is interested in blog posts. Some hit “like” but very few open up the post. I’ve actually been banned from two amateur astronomy users groups for posting blog articles there. It seems you can post anything on these amateur astronomy sites except personal blog posts about amateur astronomy.

    As you say, astro-imaging is a niche. I’m interested that you got a lot of impressions from one of your images. Do you mean impressions on Pinterest or WordPress?

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    • Interesting experience with Facebook. Mildly demonstrates a key defect with many social media islands – they devolve into Lord of the Flies theatre filled with arcane, illogical, and obtuse rules.

      I meant impressions on Pinterest. The image in question has nearly 9000 in-platform impressions, but only 17 clicks back to the WordPress article. Take that as you may.

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      • That baffled me for a while. I don’t see any analytics on Pinterest – but I now realise that you must have opened a Pinterest business account.

        Whilst cross-platform links don’t provide a lot of traffic, it is interesting to experiment with them, as you have done. I tried Tumblr recently and was repelled by the juvenile stuff I saw.

        I feel much more comfortable at WordPress than anywhere else.

        As for Facebook, I’ve been avoiding it as much as I can over recent months but I do occasionally post a link to WordPress.

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      • Yes, mine is a business account. The tutorials I saw said to set it up that way.

        I empathize with your experiences on other social media platforms. I was on Facebook for about a month over a decade ago, when I got notice of a school reunion. I suppose it was good to briefly chat with old classmates, but that was about it.

        This applies to all social media, even WordPress though the least, and Facebook certainly the most, that YOU are the product on these companies’ platforms. Poultry in pens, personal info to marketers, it’s the same thing. This is the #1 reason I avoid them as much as possible.


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