New Year’s Resolution; Year TBD

Winter morning from January 14th, 2021. Click for full-sized image.

Hello, readers.  Feels like it’s been a while, but it has only been a tad over a month.  After the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, I have done no astronomy activities beyond a few glimpses of Orion when the weather permitted.  This is truly the dead of Winter.

The current season as well as the state of political affairs have offered a lot of time for thinking.  One of many questions I have pondered is what to do when (if) everything ever returns to normal?  It’s a good question that sparks regret.  For to ask the question of what you should do in the future is to, perhaps, insinuate what you should have done when you had the chance.

If there ever is a a true normal again (a real normal, not a fake “new normal”), I would like to plan my vacation time around travelling to dark sites across the United States.  It’s been a long time since I was in such locations, even fractionally of what would consider to have a dark sky.  Most such places are further out west.  It will make for interesting road trips, to pack up my telescope and camera equipment, and see what I can find.

So here is hoping to better days ahead.  I will try to keep my innate optimism up as much as possible.  But I will admit, in the dead of this Winter, it’s been tough.  20 years ago, I felt there would come a day when the travel we took for granted would no longer be possible without government sanction.  That day is here, or soon should be.  Once upon a time, beyond your reasonable (real reasonable, not politically reasonable) obligations to your family, property, and work, there was nothing stopping you from getting in your car, driving in whatever direction you’d like, for as long as you wished, then turning around when you wanted to go home.  In the near future, such a reckless disregard for planning, permits, and authorization could lead you into trouble, if the current trajectory does not change.

My greater worry is that what we take for granted today in regards to prosperity, opportunity, and decision privileges will be supplanted by the bureaucratic procedures of the emerging sudo-state.  It has gained great power during the pandemic.  If history is a guide, it will not give up that power by benevolent volition.

We shall see how the course of events unfold.  I would like to start visiting dark sites this year, but if not this year, I will hope for 2022.  If the pandemic continues, or is supplanted by a new crisis, I will plan for 2023, and continue planning and dreaming of those possibilities for the remainder of my days.  For regardless of how bleak things may look at any given point, always know that the trajectory of history is never a straight line.

10 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolution; Year TBD

  1. dear Paul, it was very interesting to discover your blog and your enthusiasm related to astronomy 🙂 in fact, even if I write mostly about travels and books, in 2021 one of my plans is to visit this area in the south of Portugal called Alqueva where it is said it has the best ‘dark sky’ of Iberian Peninsula! i’ve seen some photos (and you maybe want to see too) and it looks so beautiful and magical 🙂 stay safe and greetings from Lisbon! PedroL

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  2. We’d be nothing if we didn’t dream about our future plans, particularly under the current situation. I’ve not been to the Society’s dark site for fourteen months – bushfires then covid – so my hopes of returning there later this year are not dissimilar to yours. But your road trip sounds good!

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    • I am sure you have not forgotten, but with all the events in the past year, it slipped my mind about the fires in Australia. Hopefully there is a light (pun intended?) at the end of this tunnel and you’ll be able to get back to your dark site.

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      • The bushfires ended as covid was beginning to spread. At that time, my Bride and I elected, for medical reasons, to stay right out of circulation until we are vaccinated or otherwise feel safe from infection.

        My Society still holds field nights, as infections are relatively low here in Oz – but it will be a few more months before I can confidently join them again. At least we have continued our monthly meetings on Zoom.

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  3. It’s good to look forward and have hope for the future. I think we’re all burning out — some people more than others; some people less — but we’re all coping the best we can. Looking forward to these things are a great way to keep hopeful.

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      • Same here, but for me the binoculars or just my eyes on my favorite south-facing spot. It’s been so bleak lately, and I know it hasn’t been as cold here as it’s been where you are…. I’d love a day in the 40s. Just a couple hours when the air doesn’t hurt.

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