My answer, perhaps, someday…

Taken with NightCap

“How could you have known?”
“I did not, so I remained
cautious, ” I will say.

The Friday the Thirteenth Harvest Moon in this Month of Sepetember in the Year 2019


ISO 300, 1/500 exp, f/9, 300mm lens

They call it Harvest
Unlucky superstition
Same Moon as always

Botanic Moon

Moon on August 5th, 2019

Through warm Summer haze
Trees keep vigil in moonlight
Even though we don’t

Forgotten Mars

Little red light always in the night sky
Shines at opposition, despite your size
Rivaling Venus, Moon when you trek by
Lest we forget as you fade before rise

Passed so close to Earth in twenty-eighteen
I watched you for months, awaiting to see
What would reveal upon your radiant sheen
Snapped many pictures of you in my glee

Yet as the months went by your brightness passed
Glowing dimmer into the sea of stars
And lo, ashamed my interest waned fast
Forgot my pictures of you, jewel Mars

Today, I make amends and recollect
Enjoy these views, delayed by my neglect

A Day for the Moon

The Moon as seen in the early evening of Thursday, July 11th, 2019.

Farther than it seems
World above marks our limits
Touched by Man six times

The Stranded Stargazer

When there is nothing but gray, day and night
As layers of dark clouds canvas the sky
I recall how I would ponder and write
About what’s seen from the telescope’s eye

For with a clear sky you can catch the Moon
Or observe planets, like Venus and Mars
And with telescope, find distant Neptune
Among the constellations drawn from stars

But rude Winter cloaks all that shines above
First by snow, then sleet, then widening frost
Denying this stranded stargazer’s love
To remain indoors dreaming of nights lost

Yet Winter will not always reign as king
I shall see Orion at start of Spring